Friday, November 20, 2009

World Cup Asia tomorrow!

Well, technically the World Cup Asia started today, Friday 19 Nov 2009 with Divisions 1, 2, and 3. Division 4 begins tomorrow!

The field itself was thoroughly festive, with superbooths from the usual suspects - Dye, Eclipse, Azodin, Sly, and local paintball vendors like Napshot, Pro Paintball, and KCHL.

FACES Magazine, the official magazine for the World Cup Asia, had a small booth from which they distributed free copies of the magazine, and several media publications turned up even though I'd specified that the media would probably prefer to come on Sunday when the quarters, semis, and finals will be played.

The field was not too muddy, all things considered, and the weather played nice until about when a light drizzle threatened to but thankfully did not turn into a full-blown storm. About then, the mildly annoyingly moist field turned into a muddy mess, but it was still bearable, thanks to the raised walkways, which were a considerate touch.

Spirits were high, and games were fast and hard. Dez Foo of and his honchos were all over the place, shutters snapping non-stop. Looking forward to some fantastic photography from them.

Overall, the first day of the World Cup Asia went auspiciously well.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

If you want to come watch the World Cup Asia, the event will be at Xtion Paintball Park, Bukit Jalil, from 8am - 6pm, 19-22 Nov 2009.

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