Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rocknrollas win their second medal in a row!

Check out the Rocknrollas on the field in the recent 2nd leg of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit! The team went home with a silver medal at the end of the tournament.

A million thanks to team Macdev Ronin for training us up to where we are, and special congratulations to them on their first Champion's medal!

Also, special thanks to Desmond Foo (ResidentEvilChef) for capturing us on his Evil Gogcam.

The official results of the 2nd Leg of the MPOC are:

1st Macdev Ronin
2nd Demonz Red
3rd X-Fox
4th Perth City Trauma

1st Red Sevens
2nd CMX
3rd Urban X
4th Eastsiderzz

1st Overkill
2nd CMX Bucaneers
3rd Ultimate Speed
4th ZOO

1st KSK Flash
2nd Rock & Rolla
3rd Redhawks
4th Mystic Assassin 2

What's Happened So Far in 2010

It's 4 months into 2010, and the Rocknrollas have had a great start to the year. Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to.

JANUARY: Rocknrollas win their first medal (2nd runner up) in the 1st leg of the MPOC 2010!

MARCH: Rocknrollas get their first corporate sponsor - FusionExcel! Every member of the team receives a quantum pendant and quantum flask. Thank you, FusionExcel!

APRIL: The Rocknrollas are featured in MyEG Extra Time with ESPN Star Sports!

APRIL: Rocknrollas continue their streak with a silver medal for the 2nd leg of the MPOC 2010!

In addition, the Rocknrollas now have a spiffy team logo, with matching banner, and team profile.

Photos by the renowned Desmond Foo (