Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Week to WCA: New Jerseys & Silvio Defuns!

One week to go to the World Cup Asia 2009, The Largest International Paintball Event in Asia! Things are shaping up well, our team will be playing host to Brandon Fort of PBFashion and Daniel from Azodin! We're off to pick Brandon up at 6pm today.

We've got us some swanky new jerseys too. Nothing amazingly fancy, but well, we no longer look like the Misfits. Hiekal brought his camera, so we've got some awesome pictures.

Check out our uber-gangsta faces, haha.

We also had a great clinic with Silvio Defuns of team Consilium Dei Zurich last weekend. He had great advice, and the team improved tremendously at the end of the weekend, though the heavy rains meant that we had to shift several frogs to a safer end of the field, and we all ended up looking like we'd gone mud-wrestling, especially after a few diving drills.

The Rocknrolla Team with Silvio Defuns at TAG Bukit Kiara (right)

I, in particular, ended up looking like the Swamp Thing. Mud, mud, everywhere.

In the end though, it was a great session. Thank you once again Silvio! Big thanks to the Macdev Ronins as well, for helping us improve ourselves, and for supporting us.

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  1. And thanks to Mr Caran sebab tolong amikkan gambar...