Monday, November 2, 2009

Team Rocknrolla vs Malaysian Today!

Yesterday (Sun), Team Rocknrolla played against the team of Malaysian Today at Xtion Paintball, Bukit Jalil. It was fun, though the rain delayed everything for almost 2 hours, and the fields ended up a soggy mess, but well... that's life. Welcome to Malaysia during the monsoon season!

Malaysian Today is now World Cup Asia's "Official Youth Publication", and the support they've given the event is amazing. The Malaysian Today team had a blast, and we're happy to have contributed to that! Paintball is starting to gain the recognition it deserves as an international sport, and the growth lately has been tremendous.

Keep an eye out for news of the World Cup Asia in the 5th & 12th Nov issues of Malaysian Today!

Also, a thank you to team Xtioneers, and team Dark Angels for participating in the media games with Malaysian Today, and contributing to a great day for the Malaysian Today team.

We'll post a few pictures up later when we've got them.

1 comment:

  1. I still recall clearly since the bruises i got from Bamboo Bullets are still visible on my arm and thigh... Ouch...

    But i had a blast playing with Bamboo Bullets and Team Malaysian Today... They are a real sport and hope they'll come back for more shoot outs...

    The JOKER