Sunday, October 4, 2009

Training with team MacDev Ronin

It's Saturday, and we've got our second training session with Division 1 team MacDev Ronin tomorrow. Of course, that means this post is LONG overdue. Our first training session was last Sunday, at TAG in Bukit Kiara.

Training with the Ronins was crazy... in a good way. Lots of fitness training, which highlighted how slowly our fitness was improving, actually. It's definitely better than when we first started, but we're not progressing as quickly as I'd intended. With World Cup Asia only a month away, we've really got to buck up.

On the bright side, we may train regularly with the Ronins, which actually lets us train with 5 a side, rather than with ourselves. As a Division 4 team training with a Division 1 team, it's a good opportunity for us to improve ourselves, as a team, and as individual players.

With only 5 members still, we'll be iron-manning the whole tournament, so we'd better be bloody fit monkeys!

Snapshots for the curious:

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