Sunday, October 4, 2009

Team Rocknrolla's First Waterfall Trip!

Yesterday we went for our first waterfall trip. Sadly, Aizat couldn't join us again, as he'd finished up work at his bar, Two Monkeys in Jaya One at an ungodly hour, but it's all good.

The weather nearly made us reconsider, it being all drizzly and doom and gloom, but we persevered. Pat yourselves on the back, team!

Located in Templer's Park, the waterfall is convenient to access, being only about 40 mins drive out of the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, and equipped (at the lower levels anyway) with the more rustic version of civilization - toilets, a barbecue pit, those supremely ugly shaded concrete benches masquerading as wood, and simple zinc-roofed snack stalls.

It's also full of monkeys. Aggressive furballs who snarl at you and eat stolen buns on your car roof. If you go near them, they bare their teeth and feint a lunge. Charmed the socks off us, I must say. Some well-meaning charitable fellow fed them little orange cheezel-like snacks called Super Rings, and the little apes screamed at each other and fought for them. We could feel the brotherly love all around.

It was a good hike up, steep stairs for most of it, and jungle for the rest, but it was absolutely worth it when we claimed a secluded cove for ourselves.

We amused ourselves by catching "bandaraya" fishes, also known as sucker catfishes, and other nonsense like play fighting with palm leaves, a bit of general splashing around, and carving our team name on a large, mossy tree trunk that had fallen across our pool (we obliterated someone's former carving in the process. Sorry, "Shanni"). All activities were generously and joyfully enhanced by the loving influences of Tuborg, Tiger, and Carlsberg.

It was a good day.

I would also like to request a minute of silence, to mourn Sandie's digital camera which, after discharging its duty by taking all these beautiful pictures, died a watery death in Sandie's left hand when she slipped off our fallen tree trunk.


More snapshots!

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