Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Fitness Training Session - Bukit Gasing

Team Rocknrolla (well, most of it) had their first fitness training session today. At the suggestion of coach Shamsher Opherden, we met up at Raju's at Bukit Gasing, and made our way over to the park nearby.

We hiked up and down the (super-steep) hill, waded through jungly areas, sashayed over a suspension bridge, and sweated like icebergs in Africa.

It was fun. By the end of the trip we looked somewhat like sweaty zombies. Jimmy gasped and wheezed and "caught breaths" most of the way up, but received a mysterious spurt of energy as soon as civilization loomed ahead.

Either way, it was a good experience. We'll be doing this again next week.

Hopefully Aizat will be able to join us after puasa (fasting) month is over, and Edward will join us next week.

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